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Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center is a full service performing arts and convention center, providing citizens and visitors with a diverse selection of entertainment and meeting opportunities. The ensuing mission of Century II is to provide an economic benefit to Wichita through its use as a performing arts and convention center.

The facility is owned and managed by the City of Wichita and is unique among other municipal facilities. This uniqueness is due to its dramatic architectural style, the nature of the business, the vast number of services provided, the diversity of clients, its importance to the downtown area, and the economic impact it has on the community. Century II strives to provide the highest quality of customer service that includes a clean and safe venue for private and public gatherings, encompassing the performing arts, conventions, trade shows, banquets, meetings, public exhibits, religious programs and special events.​

Century II Administrative Staff

​​Name ​Email
​John D'Angelo, Manager of Division of Arts & Cultural Services Email John D.
​Kaye Cole, Customer Service Specialist Email Kaye
John Hale, Technical Director​ Email John H.
Isaac Unruh, Event Manager​ Email Isaac
Connie Clark, Event Manager​ Email Connie
Branden Hall, Finance Coordinator​ Email Branden
Bernadette Bradshaw, Senior Program Specialist​ Email Bernadette
Laura Fearey-Hadley, Senior Program Specialist​
Email Laura​​​​
​Roger Kerschen, Sales Associate
Email Roger​
​Hannah See, Sales Associate
Email Hannah

WichitaTix Administrative Staff

​​Name ​Email
​Cathy Duncan, Audience Service Manager Email Cathy
​Jacqueline Eaton, Ticketing Manager ​​​​Email Jacqueline​