Bob Brown Expo Hall

Bob Brown Expo Hall provides 93,000 sq. ft. of open floor space and adjoins the 8,000 sq. ft. connecting lobby. The hall can accommodate 450 10' x 10' booths and 3,000 in banquet seating. Expo Hall is equipped with a 4,000 sq. ft. full-service kitchen.

A 60' retractable wall can be opened to create free-flow access between Bob Brown Expo Hall, Carl Bell Convention Hall, and Exhibition Hall, providing up to 198,800 square feet of contiguous exhibit spac​e.

Bob Brown Expo Hall features an eight-bay loading dock with ample exhibitor storage space. For easy access, the Hall includes a 20' x 40' overhead door as well as a 12' x 14' overhead door. Utilities are located in the floor on 30-foot centers, around the perimeter, and from the catwalk system.

​​​Room Sq. Ft.​ ​Ceiling Height ​Exhibit Booths ​Theater ​Banquet
​Expo Hall 93,000​ 32'​ 450​ 5,000​ 3,000​
Convention Hall​ 32,000​ 31' - 49'​ 110​ 4,751​ 1,120​
Exhibition Hall​ 45,000​ 31' - 36'​ 160​ 3,000​ 1,848​
Exhibition Hall Balcony​ 17,500​ 18'​ 54​ 600​ 480​
Concert Hall​ ​2,195
Mary Jane Teall Theater​ 652​ ​​​

Bob Brown Expo Hall is dedicated to the memory of former City Commissioner and Wichita Mayor Bob Brown. The following text is from the dedication plaque at Bob Brown Expo Hall:

Dedicated to the memory of Bob Brown who unselfishly served his community, including City Commissioner 1979-1987 and Wichita Mayor 1981-82 and 1985-86. Bob's contributions were not offered in what he said, but in what he was - a truly devout man, a lover of life, of nature, a giver and thanks giver, a humble man of soaring spirit.